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When people think about weed legalization their thoughts often turn to Amsterdam. While Amsterdam is one of the first places to have legalized marijuana, it definitely isn’t going to be the last one. As the years progress and newer generations are accepted into government, laws on the recreational use of marijuana are starting to become less and less strict. For stoners, knowing where it is legal to buy and smoke marijuana while traveling is crucial, as no one wants to accidentally wind up in a foreign jail for a number of years because they smoked a joint. The following is a list of places in the world where weed is legal or tolerated.


Surprisingly enough, Uruguay is one of the only countries in South America that has chosen to legalize the recreational use of marijuana. Uruguay decided to legalize weed back in 2014, and has since then invented interesting ways for smokers to buy marijuana. Uruguay residents have the option to grow their own weed at home, buy it from a local pharmacy, or even become a part of a weed community that organizes weed gardens.


When visiting the United States, pot smokers should make it a point to visit Colorado. Since weed is legal in Boulder, there are many weed dispensaries available to locals. Colorado is both a fun and sitely state to visit while on a road trip, making it an ideal destination for both stoners and non-stoners.


Most tourists are surprised to discover that Prague actually has very low marijuana restrictions. While it isn’t common to see locals smoking weed in the streets, a large percentage of the young population actually smokes weed at home. In Prague, anyone busted with under 10 grams of weed cannot be lawfully punished, however, they may receive a hefty fine. When in Prague, it is wise to ask a hostel worker where to buy weed from instead of buying from street sellers, as these are often tourists traps.


In 2001, the Portuguese government decided to decriminalize the use of recreational marijuana as well as heavier drugs. Since then, the country has noted a substantial decrease in the population’s drug-related death toll. However, weed is extremely difficult to come by in Portugal unless one has knowledge of a local grower. For the most part, the main drugs offered to tourists by street sellers are hash and cocaine. In Portugal, as long as someone is caught with under read more a 10 day supply of drugs they can be considered as consumers and not sellers. Selling drugs is still considered as a crime in Portugal.

Although these places are weed-friendly, it is always a good idea for tourists to be discreet when on vacation, as laws may vary for tourists.

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